Framer Template for SEO & Digital Marketing Website

Boost your SEO and Digital Marketing website’s performance with Dimar – Framer Template. Crafted for seamless optimization, this template simplifies your online presence. Elevate your brand and engage your audience effectively.

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There are two types of scroll effects: Speed and Appear. Speed allows you to define the scrolling speed of a layer, which allows to you to design parallax effects. Appear allows you to animate any layer as you scroll past it (as it enters the viewport). The Appear effect allows you to animate layers as you scroll past them. See a short summary of the available properties below. Learn More

Styles are re-usable visual properties for your text like the font, size, color etc. They allow you to centrally manage how the text on your site looks across different pages. Learn More

Making your web pages responsive to work well on a variety of devices. With your breakpoints set-up, you can start customizing your layouts to be more mobile friendly. You can create an infinite amount of breakpoints, and resize them at any time. Learn More

Add, edit and publish content. The CMS in Framer has everything you need to manage content for your blog, job listings or marketing pages. Learn More

Key Features

  • Easily Customised and Updated
  • High-Quality Development & Page Structure
  • 100% Responsive and Performant
  • Customer Support & Expert Team


  • Home (Digital Marketing)
  • Home (SEO Agency)
  • Home (Conversion Marketing)
  • Home (Digital Marketing Agency)
  • Home (Brand Marketing)
  • About One
  • About Two
  • Why Choose Us
  • Case Study
  • Features
  • Team
  • Pricing One
  • Pricing Two
  • Service One
  • Service Two
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Single Post (CMS)
  • 404

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